"There's one fundamental difference between being a violinist and being a musician who plays the violin. Simon clearly demonstrates this in his music compositions and live performances."

It goes without saying that being a respected musician must involve years of study on at least one particular instrument. That's what Simon has been doing since he was 5, going through countless hours of studying classical violin, music theory, jazz training, playing with various orchestras, jazz bands, you name it.

However Simon's real musical identity started coming out when he started experimenting with original compositions, in which he fused his interest in electronic soundscapes and beats with his trademark catchy riffs, virtuoso runs and improvisations on the violin. Having been influenced from a very varied musical upbringing ranging from playing in classical chamber groups, giving classical recitals and playing in piano bars, to playing the keyboards in rock bands, jamming with DJs in clubs and performing in jazz ensembles, his style has developed into one that cannot be easily described - it just has to be experienced.

Never one to feel at his best giving speeches and giving the "nice big smile" to cameras, he finds comfort on stage wowing audiences with his energetic but very emotional style of delivering his compositions. Audiences that have experienced his live concerts describe his live performances as an "experience" rather just another musical recital, simply because of the uniqueness of his music style and its presentation and delivery on stage. 

Through his first album Different Scores - released when he was 18, listeners could start to appreciate the innovation of his musical style. It contained dance tracks that were played in clubs, hip-hop tracks which eventually evolved into his main musical project to date - Sixth Simfoni (together with MCs Pen-Demonium and D-Legacy), as well as other tunes that were appreciated both by classical connoisseurs as well as modern-music aficionados.

Following this album, Simon has been very busy playing in various venues that range from classical music halls to underground clubs. Sixth Simfoni evolved into a hip-hop fusion force in the local music scene and has won over numerous music critics. Through the release of their debut EP, they gained a lot of airplay on radio and tv stations, won the best Hip-Hop & RnB act at the Malta Music Awards in 2007, performed in various festivals including Europavox and MTV Music Week and led them to the record their first full-length album which will also be released soon. He has also been collaborating as a session musician with various artists, both in recording sessions as well as live concerts. 

His second solo album released in 2009 "Unspoken - Sounds from Within" showed his maturity both as a musician as well as a composer. His sounds now much deeper and while keeping an innovative and rare timbre, the emphasis shifted more on emotional soundscapes that immediately set a particular mood, and violin playing that switches from technical pieces to simple catchy melodies. 

Following a series of solo concerts and recitals , Simon started working towards a slightly different direction - this time teaming up with a group of other talented musicians to come up with a number of different ensembles , all of which include the violin but not in the usual orchestral context. Work on these projects is still on-going, with a number of private and public recitals being given every year for various types of events. Currently Simon is also working on writing original compositions for different ensembles.

Lately, Simon has been also focusing on session work, both in recording studios as well as on the stage, with a number of collaborations with leading Maltese artists such as Tribali, Red Electrick, Ira Losco and Airport Impressions.